Welcome to the Paranormal News Insider!

The Paranormal News Insider is a paranormal news show that airs from 7-8 PM eastern every Tuesday night on WCJV Digital Broadcasting from Youngstown, New York. It is hosted by Dr. Brian D. Parsons who has a wide background in paranormal investigation, UFOlogy, and cryptozoology, is an author of five books and is a public speaker on a variety of topics. Brian lead a paranormal investigation team for 15 years before moving into independent research and is currently the Executive Director of ParNexus Anomalous Research Association and is a member of the Cleveland UFOlogy Project, MUFON, the Pennsylvania Bigfoot Society, and other groups.

Miss the latest episode? The Paranormal News Insider is uploaded to Mixcloud immediately following each live broadcast on Tuesday nights. To hear the latest episodes check out the WCJV Digital Broadcasting channel on Mixcloud and find other great paranormal programming. The Paranormal News Insider will also be archived using Podbean starting with the debut episode on WCJV on September 8, 2015 (#231) and all shows going forward.

The Paranormal News Insider first aired in September, 2008 as a short segment during the monthly Grand Dark Conspiracy radio show until August of 2010 (23 shows) when it went weekly from August 30, 2010 until December, 2013 (162 shows) on various internet-based networks. The show continued on August 5, 2014 on WQTT AM 1270 from Marysville, Ohio, during the Grand Dark Conspiracy. In February, 2015, the Grand Dark Conspiracy changed its name to Darkest Hours Late Night. In May, 2015, the Darkest Hours Late Night left WQTT and the Paranormal News Insider had been homeless since. On September 8, 2015, after 230 shows the Paranormal News Insider became a one hour standalone show on WCJV Digital Broadcasting.

2016 Show News

Dr. Brian joined host Frank Lee on the Paranormalities and Ponderings radio show on WCJV Digital Broadcasting on January 26, 2016 and again on February 16, 2016. During the shows we discussed how to properly apply science to paranormal research, how to validate data and how to debunk hoaxes and a lot of other topics. Click here to listen to the archive for 1/26/201616 and here for the 2/16/2016 show.

January 26, 2016 was also the 250th episode of the Paranormal News Insider. While the show itself was not a celebration of that fact, it was still an amazing accomplishment in my opinion and I am proud of the longetivity of the show. The 300th show should hopefully take place sometime in January.

What happens when you put a skeptical anomalous researcher on the air with a lay religious demonologist?

Dr. Brian D. Parsons, the host of the Paranormal News Insider, Joined host Frank Lee for Paranormalities & Ponderings radio show along with fellow guest Dave Considine to discuss the paranormal news of 2015 and look forward to 2016. The fun began on WCJV at 7 PM with the Paranormal News Insider as the Top Ten Paranormal News Stories of 2015 recapped and then concluded with the reveal of the top two stories. Then at 9 PM Eastern stared the after party with host Frank Lee, Dave Considine, and Dr.Brian.

There was no live show on November 17, 2015 due to server issues and I was faced with a dilemma. I had already missed one show just prior to Halloween due to system upgrades and I did not want to let another week pass without news. But, I had already promised to do back-to-back shows the following Tuesday live on WCJV. I had been thinking of creating short segments similar to how I started out, but limit them in time and this is what I did. Introducing; the Paranormal News Insider Xpress.

The Paranormal News Insider Xpress is a five minute or less quick version of the paranormal news from my point of view. It's for those of you that just do not have the time to listen to a one hour show or want to know the news in a condensed version. However, you are missing out on the details brought to you in the one hour show as well as the live links featuring videos, photos, and stories I share in the chat room during the live experience. If this version generates interest I will continue it and may even offer the segment to appear on other paranormal shows. Stay tuned.