The Search Continues

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti (and the many other names), Loch Ness Monster and other Cryptid creatures will have their stories here. The animals here are either misidentified, unidentified, out of place or out of time. You will find current news feeds to the right and archives of stories from months past below that.

Bigfoot Possibly Sighted in Pennsylvania

I have spent many days and nights in search of cryptids in the woods of Pennsylvania and I see no reason why any part of this heavily wooded state could hold a small population of Bigfoot. A hiker along the Allegheny Trail stumbled upon a "fort" in the middle of the woods. He then pulled out his "flip cam" and began shooting video. In part of this shot an image of what appears to be a large creature standing upright is seen. The man reported he, nor his wife, did not see the creature at this time.

Now, the really weird part. This story takes another strange twist as Bigfoot investigator Tom Biscardi has suddenly appeared on the scene. What this station has failed to understand, realize, or report is that Tom Biscardi was right in the middle of the Georgia Bigfoot hoax not so long ago. He and five others are out in the woods searching for proof of this creature and if anyone knows how Tom works this won't be the end of the story, evidence or not.

2009 Mothman Festival Recap

I was fortunate to be able to drive down to Point Pleasant, West Virginia on September 19th for the 8th Annual Mothman Festival. It was very surreal to be able to set foot in the town famous for so many things. The Mothman saga is obviously the big topic of discussion and is the centerpiece of the carnival atmosphere and speakers that decended upon this sleepy river town. There is also the history of the Silver Bridge collapse that is still remembered by many locals that is sometimes blamed on the Mothman and even at times on a man named Cornstalk. This is the third part of the history of Point Pleasant. This area was a hotbed of activity during the American Revolution.

Feel free to check out the blog post full of photos and some interesting things I learned along the way.

Ohio Cryptid Has Launched!

A new research, investigation and witness submission site has been launched for the state of Ohio. The new site will operate with a blog, Community network in addition to the website.

This new site will allow anyone who has an interest in this field to participate as well as be a part of the search for elusive animals in the Buckeye state.

New Species of Crustaceans Ohio.

A new species of animal has been discovered in Ohio. While it's not as exciting as finding a grassman it's still exciting to know there are new animals to be discovered even in our own home state. The new find comes in an area of Summit county just a few miles down the road from where I currently reside which is truly exciting to me as someone who is always on the lookout for something undiscovered creeping around Ohio. Granted, my interests do not include small crustaceans although I think the find is an important one for those who have an interest in animals (undiscovered or not).

New Species in Ohio

The new finds have yet to be confirmed as new species, but many feel this is just a minor formality. Once the animal has been identified as new it will then most likely receive a name. For the full story and more images click on the story line above or the links below.

Insider, Brian D. Parsons, Becomes Ohio Rep. for Centre for Fortean Zoology

The Insider of has been announced as the Ohio, U.S.A. representative of the Centre for Fortean Zoology through the U.S.A. group, Crypto Squad U.S.A..

Brian will be providing his analysis, research and investigations into the cryptid world in the state of Ohio to theCrypto Squad U.S.A. via his new blog located on the ParaNewsInsider website. The cryptid site of the ParaNewsInsider will continue to function as normal providing you the leading stories of the cryptid world along with the inside insight into them provided by Brian. Stay tuned as spring is just around the corner and the search will begin...

History Channel and Monsterquest Exploring for Yeti

The expedition into the mountains of Nepal will begin January 13, 2009 and will last until January 27. The expedition will be aided by helicopter and will use local guides along the way. On board for the first expedition for the Yeti in 2009 are Adam Davies (of Extreme Expeditions), Japanese mountaineer and recent Yeti expedition leader Kuniaki Yagihara and ape conservationist Ian Redmond. Hopefully this will be a Monsterquest episode sometime later this year.

Cougars in Ohio? Michigan?

Despite numerous sightings as well as evidence collection, officials from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources claim that cougars do not exist in Ohio. A few people in the Richfield, Ohio area disagree. There were two sightings in June in the nearby area that seems to relate to the latest report of a hunter and his son who saw the cougar/mountain lion for a few moments.

Cryptomundo reports on a mauling of a horse in Michigan that is purportedly caused by a cougar.

This will be an ongoing investigation...