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Paranormal events and gatherings as well as conferences and conventions for ghost, UFO, and cryptozoological themes. *This list does not include comic-cons, TV show/movie based "scare"-cons, horror, gaming, or anime based themes even if "paracelebs" are present (although some exceptions may be made).

We are not associated in any way with any event listed and we can not guarantee any information provided, please check with the representing website (and call the promoter if possible) to gather full information. We reserve the right to add or not add events to this listing.

Updated June 27, 2017
(North America only, Strikethrough denotes event is over)

Paranormal Classes, Tours, and Guided "hunts"

  • HCH Institute Parapsychological Studies individual courses and 60 hour certification program with Loyd Auerbach. Dates are ongoing, please see link above for more information.
    This 60 hour course is an overview to the field of Parapsychology, and the main areas of research and investigation: ESP, PsychoKinesis (mind over matter), and Survival of Bodily Death. Included will be a general discussion of where the field came from, where the major centers of research are today, and where the field might be headed. Students will have an opportunity to review some of the basic research in the field and to apply the theories and applications to their current helping profession or to pursue parapsychological field investigations on their own. All courses may be taken Individually.
  • Rhine Research Center parapsychology online courses.
    Four and eight week courses lead by Loyd Auerbach and others in various classes designed around parapsychology and related research methods. Dates and pricing are available at the link above.
  • Ghost Hunt at the Andrew Jackson Hotel Ghost City Tours presents a night at the Andrew Jackson Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 and/or Thursday, October 12th.
    The event inlcudes one Room at the Andrew Jackson Hotel for two adults, participation in the Ghost Hunt for both adults, use of Ghost City's extensive Ghost Hunting Equipment, and a digital copy of all of your audio recordings. Don't miss an opportunity to stay in as well as investigate this historic and one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans. See the Ghost City Tours website for full details.

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