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Paranormal events and gatherings as well as conferences and conventions for ghost, UFO, and cryptozoological themes. *This list does not include comic-cons, TV show/movie based "scare"-cons, horror, gaming, or anime based themes even if "paracelebs" are present (although some exceptions may be made).

We are not associated in any way with any event listed and we can not guarantee any information provided, please check with the representing website (and call the promoter if possible) to gather full information. We reserve the right to add or not add events to this listing.

Updated August 22, 2016
(North America only, Strikethrough denotes event is over)

Paranormal Classes, Tours, and Guided "hunts"

  • Ghost Hunt at Pensacola Victorian B&B and the Pensacola Cultural Center/Little Theatre
    Arpil 23, 2016 and August 27, 2016
    If you have ever wanted to stay the night in a Haunted B&B, then here is your chance to join the APA crew at the haunted Pensacola Victorian B&B. Your hosts, Paranormal Researchers Tammy Misner and Loretta Peters, will serve as your guides for what could be the most terrifying and/or exciting experience of your life. This event includes your Lodging, Meals, Ghost Hunting Training and a Full Night of Ghost Hunting in 2 locations!
  • Randolph County Infirmary Asylum Charity Event
    August 5, 2016 and a second event on August 6, 2016.
    This is a charity event, where all proceeds of this event will go directly to the LGBT Indiana Youth Group. Ghost Hunts USA, The Randolph Asylum and all staff associated with both, will not be receiving any funds from this unique special event. Dinner, Sleepover Event and Breakfast Included.

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