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  • Paranormal News Insider Octomber 12, 2021 - #494
    Update on Nessie drone video. Think horses not zebras, but we’re seeing zebras! Saying goodbye to the ivory-billed woodpecker. Michigan has alligator problems.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 28, 2021 - #493
    More missing servals. Doug is missing his emu. More ABC activity in the UK. Was the Loch Ness Monster captured on drone footage? UFO on video on a truck? USSF uniforms copied from television.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 21, 2021 - #492
    Nessie spotted from China. Serval update. Big cat sightings in Dorset. Crocs on the loose in the UK. National Ghost Hunting Day this weekend. Robotic police, what could go wrong?

  • Paranormal News Insider September 14, 2021 - #491
    Serval on the loose (again). Yowie hunter gathers proof. New “Project Blue Book” office may be created. Apple joins the space race. A mammoth move forward for genetics?

  • Paranormal News Insider September 7, 2021 - #490
    Last known living thylacine died 85 years ago today. Return of the Loch Ness Monster. Bigfoot shows off its muscles in new video. Are we creating UFO and alien sightings by visiting ourselves in the past?

  • Paranormal News Insider August 31, 2021 - #489
    Mountain lion in NYC and gator in Massachusetts. UAPs again on CBS. UFO makes people go nuts in Canada. Close encounters of the Starlink kind.

  • Paranormal News Insider August 17, 2021 - #488
    Loch Ness Monster fails to appear, one star rating ensues. Alligators continue to appear in the northeast. Green UFO fills the skies. Follow-up on ghost hunting trespassers. What does it take to investigate the paranormal?

  • Paranormal News Insider August 10, 2021 - #487
    James Webb Space Telescope nears active duty. Speaking of active, is Yellowstone about to blow up? MUFON makes an appearance. Is the Dybbuk Box real?

  • Paranormal News Insider August 3, 2021 - #486
    Return of the Loch Ness Monster. Hoosier gator. Bigfoot invades birthday party. Viral hoax alert about Bigfoot. Turkish meteor causes panic. What to do about UAPs? Ghost hunter goes for a tumble.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 20, 2021 - #485
    Meet Phoenix’s Bigfoot. Man officially spends 30 years searching for Nessie. Are the UAP videos worth getting excited over? How will we get along with E.T.? Length of classified version of UAP report revealed.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 13, 2021 - #484
    Is the Patterson-Gimlin film a hoax after all? Bigfoot crosses river in Michigan. Serval rounded up. New video surfaces on USS Omaha incident. BOTW, Bigfoot!: The True Story of Apes in America.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 6, 2021 - #483
    Magical dwarf steals ring prior to proposal. Large alligator killed in northeast U.S. African wild cat goes eye to eye with homeowner in Georgia. UAP report goes live. Mysterious drone evades government helicopter. Do you believe?

  • Paranormal News Insider June 8, 2021 - #482
    Alligator escapes in Pennsylvania. Bigfoot bounty increases to a cool $3 million. Has Bigfoot (and juvenile) already been captured in Ohio? NASA admits to researching UAPs. Congressional report on UAPs is leaked. The findings? Time Magazine says, “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”. Stanton Friedman remembered. Happy Ghostbusters Day!

  • Paranormal News Insider May 25, 2021 - #481
    Reward for Pepie the monster. Alligator rides away? Milestone for Loch Ness Monster documenter. Yowie evidence discovered. Starlink continues to create problems. Ghost Hunters back on television (+). BOTW, Monsters of Wisconsin: Mysterious Creatures in the Badger State, by Linda S. Godfrey.

  • Paranormal News Insider May 18, 2021 - #480
    Tiger turns up in Houston. Michigan training gator wranglers. New UAP video making the rounds. ’60 Minutes’ stirs the pot. Obama up late talking UFOs. New Yorker focuses on aliens.

  • Paranormal News Insider May 11, 2021 - #479
    Leopards on the loose. Alligators in Iowa. Keep your eye on the tiger. Bigfoot headed for NYC and Oregon. UFO reports run rampant across USA last week. Mushrooms on Mars?

  • Paranormal News Insider May 4, 2021 - #478
    Big cat sighting in UK? Black cat frenzy? Big Cat’s night out. Is Lockheed Martin hiding UFO debris? DoD pushing up to the Pentagon about UFOs. Everything you never wanted to know about Zak Bagans.

  • Paranormal News Insider April 27, 2021 - #477
    ‘Sasquatch’ review. Australia’s big cats making their presence known. Did the Loch Ness Monster escape and die (again)? Clock ticking on government report on UFOs. Cattle mutilations: mystery or mass hysteria?

  • Paranormal News Insider April 20, 2021 - #476
    ‘Baby dinosaur’ on the loose in Florida? Bigfoot and Sasquatch prove popular in media. Anti-drone technology the root to the UAP stories? UFO stops traffic in Ohio. Dr. Michio Kaku says contact will happen within the century.

  • Paranormal News Insider April 13, 2021 - #475
    Boggy Creek legend returns. Pyramid-shaped UFO video leaks to the world, but is it all that it seems? Political births tied to Roswell crash? UFO detector discovered in New Jersey. Invasion of the sheep circle.

  • Paranormal News Insider April 6, 2021 - #474
    April Fool’s Day finds Bigfoot. Alligator sightings return to Pennsylvania. Cryptid center for kids opens in Pittsburgh. UFOs return to Chicago? Michio says ‘terrible idea’ on meeting aliens. BOTW, The Contact Paradox by Keith Cooper.

  • Paranormal News Insider March 30, 2021 - #473
    Loch Ness Monster returns (Part 5). Ogopogo gets traded. Bigfoot bones discovered in Florida? SpaceX creates panic. Lizzie Borden home gets new owner. Cattle mutilation mystery heats up again.

  • Paranormal News Insider March 23, 2021 - #472
    Loch Ness Monster returns. Chupacabra on the prowl in Mexico. More political hot air about UFOs (UAPs?). Who would you choose to lead Earth against aliens? Russia building flying saucers.

  • Paranormal News Insider March 16, 2021 - #471
    Alligator found in Kansas. Is Bigfoot an interdimensional creature? Sasquatch on the loose in Kentucky. Giant ‘UFO’ over New Jersey? Giant UFO over England? Haunted guitar?

  • Paranormal News Insider March 9, 2021 - #470
    Oklahoma $asquatch hunt goes in different direction. Environmental DNA used to potentially explain Bigfoot. ABC on the loose in MO? Lizzie Borden’s house up for sale.

  • Paranormal News Insider March 2, 2021 - #469
    ‘Thylacine’ photos revealed. Australia celebrates rediscovery of lost animal (no, not the thylacine). Update on UFO/UAP over New Mexico. Ghost investigators almost find what they were looking for. Monoliths continue to appear then disappear. BOTW, Big if True, by Benjamin Radford.

  • Paranormal News Insider February 23, 2021 - #468
    Major announcement on thylacine discovery coming soon. Sooner than we thought. Bigfoot hopping around New York? Pilot reports UFO out west. Haunted mirror or misguided scrying?

  • Paranormal News Insider February 16, 2021 - #467
    Finding Bigfoot returns to try to find Bigfoot. Strange animal in Scotland? Pentagon admits testing UFO material, or did they? Missile launch creates UFO concerns. Area 51 property for sale. Elon Musk creates UFO sightings but doesn’t believe in them.

  • Paranormal News Insider February 2, 2021 - #466
    Loch Ness Monster trifecta for 2021. Did the thylacine go extinct recently? Do recent UFO reports really have no explanation? Oklahoma Rep. has more bills up his sleeve. What did Punxsutawney Phil predict?

  • Paranormal News Insider January 26, 2021 - #465
    Oklahoma proposes ‘big foot’ hunting season. Loch Ness Monster mystery solved (again). MUFON sighting statistics for December and totals for 2020. Blue Hawaii UFO causes buzz. Bigelow searching for the afterlife.

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