Paranormal News Insider Archives 2019

Statistics: 23 Monthly shows (September 2008 to August 2010)
207 Weekly short segments (August 30, 2010 - July 11, 2015)
154 One hour shows (September 8, 2015 - Current) = 384 Shows

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  • Paranormal News Insider February 12, 2019 - #384
    Is Utah video proof of Sasquatch? Is that a UFO or a blimp? Project Blue Book goes green for second season. Dr. Brian talks about UFO investigating. What causes a Near Death Experience? Police warn of dragon sighting along road.

  • Paranormal News Insider February 5, 2019 - #383
    Will Congress fund SETI? MUFON sighting statistics for December. When in doubt ask who’s in your closet. Lost boy encounters bear or Bigfoot? Nevada test site chase ends in death.

  • Paranormal News Insider January 15, 2019 - #382
    Bigfoot discovery in North Carolina after 911 calls. Tasmanian tiger discovery. Project Blue Book review. Roswell: rebranded. Lights in the sky over Texas causes stir. Did China go to the moon? TESS begins to impress.

  • Paranormal News Insider January 8, 2019 - #381
    Welcome to 2019. Thylacine stops for a photograph. A sign? A grudge? The History Channel is about to turn a page in a new book. New York City invaded by aliens? (again). The Salish Sea shoe story is alive and kicking.

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