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  • Paranormal News Insider October 15, 2019 - #411
    Random alligator sightings continue. Strange creature video in Thailand. Bigfoot returns to North Carolina. MUFON sighting statistics for September. Keep your eyes in the skies next week! Real estate service to provide ghost service. Ouijazilla sets a new record. Amelia Earhart mystery solved?

  • Paranormal News Insider October 8, 2019 - #410
    Canseco walks on Bigfoot/UFO outing, strikes new business venture. Seventh alligator discovered in Pittsburgh area. UFO video from Outer Banks sparks debate. Tom continues to show off his rocks. What are they made of? None of your ‘bismuth’.

  • Paranormal News Insider October 1, 2019 - #409
    Alligators and cougars moving to the Volunteer State. Loch Ness Monster smashes century record. A “Little Le’Gal” battle. Canada commemorates UFO incidents. Gruesome ‘exorcism’ leads to boy’s death.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 24, 2019 - #408
    China’s ‘Loch Ness Monster’ identified! Alligators continue to pop up where they don’t belong. Loch Ness Monster videos ‘branching’ out. Living out their memes: ‘Storm Area 51’/Alien Stock aftermath.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 10, 2019 - #407
    Update on ‘Alligator’ Robb (and Chance the Snapper). Identity of the Loch Ness Monster finally revealed or have scientists killed the Loch Ness Monster? ‘Storm Area 51’ event runs out of steam. MUFON sighting statistics for August. Does the government have something to hide about UFOs? Elon Musk has that answer.

  • Paranormal News Insider August 27, 2019 - #406
    Alligator-mania continues. Move over, Nessie, the ‘Champ’ is discovered. ‘Plausible theory’ on Loch Ness Monster to be revealed shortly. 'Storm Area 51' feels the calm before the storm. Book of the Week: Cryptidpedia, by Francis and Lucas Rosa.

  • Paranormal News Insider August 20, 2019 - #405
    Thylacine rediscovered! Loch Ness MonAnother rogue alligator sighting. Sea serpent photographed along Cape Cod. Controversy and conspiracies erupt surrounding ‘Storm Area 51’ event’s successor; Alienstock. Event even causing an emergency situation a month out. ‘New’ Ghost Hunters debuts August 21. Creepy dolls creating uneasy feelings in Missouri.

  • Paranormal News Insider August 13, 2019 - #404
    Thylacine rediscovered! Loch Ness Monster continues to make waves and sightings continue to flood in! UFO sightings roll in during rocket launch, coincidence? Ireland takes a proactive approach to UFO sightings. Another politician promising disclosure for your votes? Party in the desert; they can’t stop us all.

  • Paranormal News Insider August 6, 2019 - #403
    Shootout for Bigfoot. Storm Loch Ness creates concern – for Nessie. Ogopogo can’t hide from all of us. Loren Coleman releases 2020 book list. Storm Area 51 event finally gets backlash from Facebook, but did it stop the runners? MUFON sighting statistics for July. New ghost hunting show- on Amazon?

  • Paranormal News Insider July 30, 2019 - #402
    Loch Ness Monster surfaces a twelfth time this year. UFO causes panic in Australia. TTSA shows off their ‘rocks’. A true paranormal lockdown in England. ‘Ghost Hunters’ new episode preview. Zak Bagans buys another piece of grisly history. Ghost Adventurers speak of the future.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 23, 2019 - #401
    Chicago alligator gets a second ‘chance’. Loch Ness Monster gets in on the action. Storm Area 51 goes commercial and maybe goes festival? Storm hits the Bermuda Triangle. The paranormal mourns another loss.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 16, 2019 - #400
    Alligator mania comes back to Chicago or take a ‘Chance’ at finding an alligator in Chi-town. U.S. Air Force responds to Area 51 threat. What would happen if we really went to Groom Lake? More MUFON conspiracy theories.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 9, 2019 - #399
    A new version of the Patterson-Gimlin film surfaces. Roswell incident FINALLY solved! UFO over Texas might be solved. Social media group plans on forcing disclosure this fall. MUFON dives into conspiracy theories.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 2, 2019 - #398
    Happy World UFO Day! (part 2). Nessie makes an appearance in London. 13 reasons aliens might be real. Breakthrough Listen releases latest data. UFO nearly causes international incident in Korea. MUFON mentioned by Space. MUFON sighting statistics for June. A&E to resurrect old ghost shows and produce new ones. Massive hail storm buries Mexico’s second largest city.

  • Paranormal News Insider June 25, 2019 - #397
    Black panthers on the loose down under? A pair of UFO sightings in the Mid-West may be related, but the government doesn’t want you to know that. U.S. Senators briefed on UFO activity. Another new show goes where we have all wanted to go, well at least see cameras go.

  • Paranormal News Insider June 18, 2019 - #396
    Alligators invade Pittsburgh. Morgantown, West Virginia gets its own monster. FBI releases Bigfoot files. Dr. Jeff Meldrum weighs in on FBI/Bigfoot story. Bigfoot putting out fires in Oregon. Loch Ness DNA search leads to ‘surprises aplenty’. MUFON sighting statistics for May 2019. Are you more afraid of ghosts or the deranged?

  • Paranormal News Insider May 28, 2019 - #395
    German tourists attempt to lure Loch Ness Monster out of hiding. Pope Lick Legend claims another victim. Twelve best places for UFO fans. Five traits of UAPs that defy logic. Dutch UFO fleet sighting kicks off controversial Starlink constellations. Amanda Teague having relationship issues.

  • Paranormal News Insider May 14, 2019 - #394
    Where to find Bigfoot (on television). Ten scary monsters from around the world. Loch Ness Monster chaser finds the truth behind the monster. Man claims to have been attacked by Sasquatch with an ax. The UFO field loses its brightest star. NASA accidentally destroys NYC trying to save Denver.

  • Paranormal News Insider May 7, 2019 - #393
    Yeti tracks facts begin to clear up. MUFON sighting statistics for April. Ghost hunters shatter public trust in Florida. How our dependence of technology can work against us. Bewildering beluga baffles biologists (and the rest of the world).

  • Paranormal News Insider April 30, 2019 - #392
    Yeti discovered!(?) More on the U.S. Navy UFO reporting guidelines story. Was the DoD behind the big three UFO videos leaked out in 2017? MUFON looks at 50 years. Another new ghost hunting show??

  • Paranormal News Insider April 23, 2019 - #391
    The Loch Ness Monster rises again. The Loch Ness Monster seen further south? Breaking story: Loch Ness Monster myth solved? Newsweek gives credibility to UFO sightings. March Mutual UFO Network sighting statistics revealed. Another breaking story: US Navy to categorize UFOs? Ghost investigation loses another inspiration.

  • Paranormal News Insider April 9, 2019 - #390
    The Loch Ness Monster makes another appearance. Where to spot Bigfoot. Are UFOs just Earthly time travelers of the future? Giant UFO over Lake Erie? Just another UFO over Norway.

  • Paranormal News Insider April 2, 2019 - #389
    April Fools Day; the only day people are critical of news stories. Bigfoot seen and photographed in Washington state. Blog shares the best beasts in each U.S. state. California UFO witnessed by dozens. MUFON sighting statistics for February.

  • Paranormal News Insider March 12, 2019 - #388
    Skeptical of the Loch Ness Monster? Bigfoot marches through Washington state. The 25th anniversary of the Holland Michigan UFO incident. Project Blue Book season one finale and a new UFO show coming soon.

  • Paranormal News Insider March 5, 2019 - #387
    Cruising for Bigfoot in Oregon. Loch Ness Monster returns! Sub-species of clouded leopard (potentially) found in Taiwan. Six scientific reasons for ghostly experiences.

  • Paranormal News Insider February 26, 2019 - #386
    UFO conspiracy theories might be wearing thin on the media. Ocean X Baltic Sea UFO is back. Was that an alien attack over Cleveland last Thursday? Is YouTube to blame for the Flat Earth movement? A humpback whale discovered in the Amazon forest?

  • Paranormal News Insider February 19, 2019 - #385
    Was a man attacked by a black panther in South Carolina? Tigers living in Houston, Texas? Is the Loch Ness Monster in peril? UFO sighting in Australia concerns the local PD. MUFON sighting statistics for January 2019. Strange things still afoot in British Columbia. Jose Canseco swings and hits a soft liner to left field.

  • Paranormal News Insider February 12, 2019 - #384
    Is Utah video proof of Sasquatch? Is that a UFO or a blimp? Project Blue Book goes green for second season. Dr. Brian talks about UFO investigating. What causes a Near Death Experience? Police warn of dragon sighting along road.

  • Paranormal News Insider February 5, 2019 - #383
    Will Congress fund SETI? MUFON sighting statistics for December. When in doubt ask who’s in your closet. Lost boy encounters bear or Bigfoot? Nevada test site chase ends in death.

  • Paranormal News Insider January 15, 2019 - #382
    Bigfoot discovery in North Carolina after 911 calls. Tasmanian tiger discovery. Project Blue Book review. Roswell: rebranded. Lights in the sky over Texas causes stir. Did China go to the moon? TESS begins to impress.

  • Paranormal News Insider January 8, 2019 - #381
    Welcome to 2019. Thylacine stops for a photograph. A sign? A grudge? The History Channel is about to turn a page in a new book. New York City invaded by aliens? (again). The Salish Sea shoe story is alive and kicking.

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