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  • Paranormal News Insider December 30, 2014- #207
    Dinosaur sighting? Cryptozoologist of the year. Don't miss the Top Ten Paranormal News Stories of 2014!

  • Paranormal News Insider December 23, 2014- #206
    Google finds another monster! (maybe, OK, probably not) Beast of Bodmon Moor discovered (?), Yikes, Sykes review incorrect? Loren Coleman's top paranormal books includes my book, "Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist", sleepless in Kalachi.

  • Paranormal News Insider December 16, 2014- #205
    Music by Steve Miller Band. MUFON statistics for November, 1997 Phoenix Lights evidence? Psychic changes fate of jet airliner, teleportation, woman on fire, exorcism classes for free!

  • Paranormal News Insider December 9, 2014- #204
    Episode dedicated to the memory of Dimebag Darrell Abbott who was killed on December 8, 2004. Todd Standing says his dog ate his homework, MUFON Florida case, priests and paranormal investigators warn of using Ouija Boards (burn Monopoly boards!) and Ouija V. Ebola, Martian mysteries, 2015 conferences and conventions updated!

  • Paranormal News Insider December 2, 2014- #203
    Disco Night! All aboard the disco train, MUFON's Kickstarter campaign comes to painful end, Google = conspiracy? Google = Ouija Board spike in searches and purchases, help find the Higgs, mystery booms return, monkeys and gorillas on the loose!

  • Paranormal News Insider November 25, 2014- #202
    Log Ness Monster? The search is over for the eye of the tiger, bright flash over Russia (again), update on MUFON's Kickstarter campaign,

  • Paranormal News Insider November 18, 2014- #201
    Tigger on the loose near Paris? Champ tired of Loch Ness Monster, MUFON October statistics, MUFON's Kickstarter campaign, unicorns and rainbows (with bullets replacing rainbows), lunar wave catching on, Higgs Boson not the real deal?

  • Paranormal News Insider November 11, 2014- #200
    200th Episode! Sasquatch Ontario claims legit? Loch Ness Monster news, "Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist" getting a facelift, streaking lights, it's true, Red Bull gives you UFO sightings.

  • Paranormal News Insider November 4, 2014- #199
    UFOs over Canada produce rules for drones, Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip 2 crashes, werewolves in Macedonia, Amelia Earhart mystery solved! (for the 1,326th time), mindreading device unveiled.

  • Paranormal News Insider October 28, 2014- #198
    Australian adventurers "Jones'in" for Yowie, Skunk Ape and things that make me go, "AHHH!" Ouija movie and a bit of back story.

  • Paranormal News Insider October 21, 2014- #197
    C R A B Z I L L A ! BFRO estimates number of Bigfoot per state (crypto darts), Yowie creates argument, MUFON sighting statistics for September, UFO/NASCAR connection?

  • Paranormal News Insider October 14, 2014- #196
    Bear in Central Park? MUFON acquires book publisher, ghost hanging out in woman's uterus, sky noise reported in Pennsylvania, Bermuda Triangle and Siberian hole connection?

  • Paranormal News Insider October 7, 2014- #195
    International Cryptozoology Museum announces scientific journal, silly effort to investigate, UFO hiding as a mobile home, OBE study, Ebola patients join the walking dead?

  • Paranormal News Insider September 30, 2014- #194
    Hippo in the Chicago River? UFO over Virginia? UFO over England is busted, ghost video in New Mexico has no logical way of ever being solved, ghost app collection needs your help, ghost girl in woods playing with deer (huh?), viral media busted (sorry, tri-breasted woman)

  • Paranormal News Insider September 23, 2014- #193
    Sasquatch Ontario releases new evidence video, PNI breaks it down, strange lights over Florida and North Carolina, paranormal group investigates microwave, yes, a microwave.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 16, 2014- #192
    Rex Ritter counts down the Top Three Paranormal News Stories of 1927.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 9, 2014- #191
    MUFON sighting statistics for August, mystery of the mystery feet washing ashore, crater in Utah, Stephen Hawking with (more) great news!

  • Paranormal News Insider September 2, 2014- #190
    Chupacabra captured!! (again, well, sorta), the Lagarfljótsormurinn is real (the what?), MUFON report of the month, what's up with these UFO sightings anyway? Pennsylvania UFO appears after wine (the red, red variety).

  • Paranormal News Insider August 26, 2014- #189
    UFO over Lakewood, Ohio, UFO over North Carolina, LOTS of UFOs over Canada, strange sounds in the Pacific ocean, meteors invading the Earth!

  • Paranormal News Insider August 19, 2014- #188
    Revenge of the Loch Ness Monster, MUFON's July numbers, UFO over Houston, Ghost Hunters back together (one night only), Frank Sumption passes, and Google Moon spills its secrets.

  • Paranormal News Insider August 12, 2014- #187
    Dancing bear? Intelligent life in the galaxy? Siberian mystery craters not so mysterious, Google Moon shadow part I, Harvard creates robots (in disguise).

  • Paranormal News Insider August 5, 2014- #186
    After nearly eight months hiatus, the PNI returns on the Grand Dark Conspiracy now live on WQTT 1270 AM in Marysville, Ohio. Moneymaker blasts Sykes, UFOs over the border, UFO polls; statistics smafishticks, homeowner in PA with plenty of demons, porcelain doll update.

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