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  • Paranormal News Insider December 3, 2012- #140
    Dr. Melba Ketchum proves Bigfoot exists? Ghost Hunter passes away, the Top Ten Paranormal News Stories of 2012 starts with #10 and #9!

  • Paranormal News Insider November 26, 2012- #139
    Bigfoot visits England, buzz in Denver swats UFO theory, it's official; full moons do not make you crazy, top ten starts next week!

  • Paranormal News Insider November 19, 2012- #138
    Samurai chatter and Bigfoot language decoded? NUFORC records over two dozen sightings in seven hours of same phenomena, big buzz in Denver more than likely solved, SETI finds $$$, Russian scientists solve language within Crop Circles.

  • Paranormal News Insider November 12, 2012- #137
    UFOs a thing of the past? No so in Colorado according to FOX, ULOs on the rise in China/India, latest paranormal events.

  • Paranormal News Insider November 5, 2012- #136
    Yeti proven to exist via DNA? Flying tube gets attention over multiple states and expert witnesses, Near Death Experiences explained?

  • Paranormal News Insider October 29, 2012- #135
    International team evidence a bust (surprise!), Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty: coming soon on Spike TV, Dr. Green probes alien body? Mayans tired of "folklore for profit".

  • Paranormal News Insider October 22, 2012- #134
    International team catch trail cam of Bigfoot(?), man claims Bigfoot damaged his RV, Louisiana blast causes conspiracy theories to fly, catch the "Insider" in C-bus next week.

  • Paranormal News Insider October 15, 2012- #133
    Bigfoot is somewhere down in Texas, Falcon Project ready to fly, Israel shoots down UFO, new tech to the ghost hunting world, BBC crew sneaks into Area 51.

  • Paranormal News Insider October 8, 2012- #132
    Sasquatch in northern Canada? MUFON numbers for September, ghost in the attic? Crop circles in Ohio, government conspiracy of time travel?

  • Paranormal News Insider October 1, 2012- #131
    Dragon loose in the Himalayas? Yeti family on the loose in Siberia, USA withholding UFO information? UFO discovered on Google Earth (again), Virgin Galactic.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 24, 2012- #130
    Loch Ness Monster moves to Siberia, UFO or smoke? Video over Gilroy, California is impressive, China leads intergalactic affairs, "Insider" on tour.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 17, 2012- #129
    New monkey discovered, new UFO petitions, UFO secrets revealed soon, UK UFO mystery solved, "Insider's" upcoming appearances.

  • Paranormal News Insider September 10, 2012- #128
    Loch Ness Monster photo is probably hoax, Bigfoot hoaxer killed in Montana, Bigfoot in Wisconsin? Sanger Paranormal back for more embarrassment, Chinese lantern? No, those are F*&^ing UFOs, yo! Object at the bottom of the Baltic sea probably natural phenomena.

  • Paranormal News Insider August 27, 2012- #127
    New Skunk Ape video...without Skunk Ape, Ministry of Defense out of the UFO game, spontaneous human combustion cause found? eBay filters out (some) BS.

  • Paranormal News Insider August 20, 2012- #126
    Chupacabra strikes again, polygraph and "proof"(?) for Bigfoot killer, UFO at the south pole? Return of the "Aflockalypse"??

  • Paranormal News Insider August 13, 2012- #125
    Clear photo of Bigfoot, or is it a bear? Australia unleashes its UFO papers, MUFON's big announcement? Red rain; is it an alien invasion?

  • Paranormal News Insider August 6, 2012- #124
    Squatch's secret weapon, Loch Ness Monster confirmed!? UFO over Olympics, UFO sightings in Kansas City (again) and New Orleans, crop circle in the Pacific Northwest

  • Paranormal News Insider July 30, 2012- #123
    Goat man comes forward, East River Monster invades Brooklyn, Chasing UFOs chasing the drain, UFO sightings in Canada near record high, South Carolina UFO mass sighting

  • Paranormal News Insider July 23, 2012- #122
    Invasion of the goatman, Bigfoot tracks abound in Salt Fork, Michio Kaku weighs in on meeting aliens, Ouija Board apps fail to measure to real thing, Holy bleeding statues!

  • Paranormal News Insider July 16, 2012- #121
    Sierra Kills suspect climbs in front of camera for first time, MoD releases X-files, UFOs exist (in Chile), Catholic Church presses charges for debunking miracle claim, NASA claim refuted, Baltic Sea object story changes again.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 9, 2012- #120
    In search of the Yeren and the Mokele-Mbembe, U.S. Government comments on Mermaid existence! (they don't exist), multiple witnesses see UFO in Missouri, Higgs Boson is more than likely discovered.

  • Paranormal News Insider July 2, 2012- #119
    Bigfoot dead in Colorado? Chasing statistics, UFOs above a field? Baltic Sea underwater object update, E4 Method of client-centered investigations coming to the GDC on July 10!

  • Paranormal News Insider June 25, 2012- #118
    Shortened PNI due to traveling to Brunswick, Maryland for the Ghost Excavation Congress Convention! Baltic UFO not a UFO, but something still strange, Aliens on the loose in Kentucky.

  • Paranormal News Insider June 18, 2012- #117
    More Bigfoot in Idaho news, UFO on the White House lawn? Well in D.C. at least, Ocean X and the Baltic Sea object update, Iceland ice water serpent video analysis, join the Insider this coming weekend!

  • Paranormal News Insider June 11, 2012- #116
    More DNA evidence supporting Bigfoot, but still no Bigfoot, Puma morphs into Otter, Another Bigfoot video!! Fact or Faked, faked? God Particle coming soon, Baltic Sea "unusual object" found.

  • Paranormal News Insider May 28, 2012- #115
    Man finds Puma, well, maybe just an Otter, Oxford looking for Yeti and your help, Finding Bigfoot finds PROOF! (kinda) "Chasing UFOs" coming soon on TV, scintillating find in Kansas City suburbs, crop formations or was it just the wind?

  • Paranormal News Insider May 21, 2012- #114
    Dinosaurs roaming the Amazon? As(s)tronomers find UFOs on the Moon? Mystery object in the skies over Denver, President confirms/denies knowledge of aliens? Star Trek's Enterprise to be built within 20 years, and rocks give woman the third degree (burns that is).

  • Paranormal News Insider May 14, 2012- #113
    Strange creature cases, the ongoing saga of killing Bigfoot, UFOs over Phoenix, teleportation makes another breakthrough, "Mystery pulsating winged being" video analysis, conferences, conventions and other paranormal gatherings.

  • Paranormal News Insider May 7, 2012- #112
    More apes on the loose in Texas, Lone Star State Okays killing of Bigfoot, Vermont next hunting ground of "Finding Bigfoot", attack of the triangles!! People's Court has spoken, Red Dwarfs may hold aliens, photo hoax contest reminder.

  • Paranormal News Insider April 30, 2012- #111
    Cougars on the loose in Canada? Loch Ness Monster is caught! Well, caught on a SONAR screen, the 3rd MIB movie comes out next month, but the real MIB invades Canada, UFO near the sun?

  • Paranormal News Insider April 23, 2012- #110
    Chupacabra outsmarting humans? St. Petersburg, Russia UFO Mothership videos heating up! Exorcism trio to heat up television? New Jersey couple suing over ghost in home.

  • Paranormal News Insider April 16, 2012- #109
    Another Bigfoot video! (well, it might be a Bigfoot...), aliens on Mars, fireball in Texas explained (again), ghost causes eviction?

  • Paranormal News Insider April 9, 2012- #108
    Pair of women see pair of Bigfoot, UFO controversy in Sweden, Jesus shows up on a beach, Paranormal News Insider mobile app released! Conferences, conventions, and some of my upcoming appearances.

  • Paranormal News Insider April 2, 2012- #107
    Sea monster invades South Carolina, Bigfoot hunters fined, aliens in the mountain, telepathy no longer paranormal but normal? Phone calls from the dead, Ouija Board strikes again.

  • Paranormal News Insider March 26, 2012- #106
    Another Bigfoot video! UFO leftovers in Russia? Strange noises in Wisconsin (solved?)

  • Paranormal News Insider March 19, 2012- #105
    Gorilla on the loose? Even more Bigfoot tracks, UFO tracking invades Africa, return of the Mammoth continued, Tip of the Week debuts!

  • Paranormal News Insider March 12, 2012- #104
    Chupacabra is back! UFO Congress news, Morgan Freeman chimes in, listener email!

  • Paranormal News Insider March 5, 2012- #103
    Bigfoot track update, people still ghost hunt?

  • Paranormal News Insider February 27, 2012- #102
    Bigfoot news, Florida UFO solved, not faster than the speed of light?

  • Paranormal News Insider February 20, 2012- #101
    Wool pulled over our eyes? Dead Bigfoot news, UFO crash! TAPS Co-Founder call it quits!

  • Paranormal News Insider February 13, 2012- #100
    100th Episode! Finding Bigfoot - the game show, Wooly Mammoth found!, Rhine needs your help, underwater UFO? Check your equipment!

  • Paranormal News Insider February 6, 2012- #99
    New Baltic Sea "UFO", January UFO stats, UFO as target practice, Do the math, Sky noise news

  • Paranormal News Insider January 30, 2012- #98
    Fort Myers monster? Life on Venus? Sky noise debated

  • Paranormal News Insider January 23, 2012- #97
    Hey! Hey! It's the monkeys! (well, one type of monkey), UFO crashes? Princess Diana visits Church, NASA squares triangle

  • Paranormal News Insider January 16, 2012- #96
    Reward for Nessie, sad passing of William Roll, Strange Sounds from the Sky!

  • Paranormal News Insider January 9, 2012- #95
    UFO Invasion 2012! The (2nd Annual) Aflockalypse! List of events updated for 2012

  • Paranormal News Insider January 2, 2012- #94
    Yeti gives the world a finger, SPACE BALLS! (the story)

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