The "Paranormal Poll" is a way to gauge the listening audience on a variety of hot topics in the paranormal/anomalous field. After taking the poll I would hope that you could offer a few lines of information as to why you made your choice. These answers may be read on air during the Paranormal News Insider and may also help form future blog posts about these topics.

Your view points will be added to the resources of that particular blog so that your input is yours. My blogs would be geared toward being a balanced look at these topics and attempting to be as objective as possible and allow the reader to form their own opinion. However, facts and research will also be provided to potentialy sway the focus in a particular direction if the weight is enough to do so.

Please keeep all comments civil and directed toward the topc at hand. No personal attacks of any kind will be tolerated.

Current Polls

Are "tools" (Ovilus/Puck/Ghost Box/EMF detector, etc) absolutely necessary for ghost investigations?
Absolutely; can't find ghosts without them!
Yes, but should not be used to "find" ghosts only document environment.
Not necessarily; should be a balance of observation / documentation and tools
Not really, they are a distraction and only add to subjectivity unless used for their intended purposes.
Absolutely NOT! Tools are misused or are for "entertainment purposes only" and there has to be another way.
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Does this clown pandemic scare you?
Yes, I've never been afraid of clowns until now!
Yes, but I've always been afraid of clowns
Maybe, but I haven't experienced it directly or through friends/family
No, these are just pranks
No, despite the amount of stories it's almost over
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Is "Paranormal Unity" a possibility?

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